I was born in a small town in Tasmania. After suffering a Catholic education I went to university for a couple of years but did no work and pissed my scholarship money up against the wall. I worked for 10 years or so in various labouring jobs: in a tin mine, a steel mill, a motor vehicle assembly plant and a shoe polish factory. I was a shunter, a fitter’s offsider, a fruit picker (for about 2 days) and a metal finisher. I was employed as a Discrepancy Clerk on the railways,  in the office of an iron ore mine,  as a trainee in the advertising department of a country newspaper and other exotic positions of which I dare not speak in a public forum.

Eventually I was punished for a lifetime of sin by getting a job in the Public Service. From there I gravitated by one means or another to a career in the administration of non-profit organisations in the health field. Eventually, when I was in my mid-60s the mercy rule was applied and since then I have been retired in well-merited isolation, killing time though well aware that it will eventually kill me.

I’ve decided to spend a certain amount of my spare time  writing this blog on whatever subjects take my fancy but mainly history, sport, literature and politics. You, on the other hand, have decided to spend a certain amount of your spare time reading it. You lucky bastard.


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